That water is so fucking clear…

type of place I wanna live



That water is so fucking clear…

type of place I wanna live

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Ezio's Family
Jesper Kyd — Assassin's Creed II-(OST)
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I find myself crying almost every time.

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Tony being a dork and entering every room just before Bucky does so he can loudly announce that winter is coming

He is a Stark, after all.

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Paintings by Jeremy Miranda

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I don’t mean to interrupt people I just randomly remember things and get really excited I’m sorry

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The amount of questions Bastille asks in thier songs really stresses me out

are you gonna age with grace? do you like the person you’ve become? can you fill the silence? how am i gonna be an optimist? how am i gonna get myself home?

like idk dan you figure it out

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❝ never apologize for how you feel. no one can control how they feel. the sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. the rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. feelings just are. ❞

iain s. thomas, intentional dissonance (via cultivate-solitude)
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little ringed plover mama and her babies.

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SSB4 Roster as of Smash Direct (4/8/14)

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